Calm Before The Storm

Ali tapes his hands before training at the 5‘“ Street Gym, Miami, as he prepares for his first fight withJoe Frazier (1971).
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Ali tapes his hands before training at the 5th Street Gym, Miami, as he prepares for his first fight with Joe Frazier (1971).

This framed limited edition photograph of Muhammad Ali is printed on traditional photographic fibre-based silver gelatin paper.

CALM BEFORE THE STORM – This photo was captured by Chris Smith when Ali was taping his hands before training at the 5th Street Gym, Miami. He was preparing for his fight with Joe Frazier in 1971. Ali was so calm before the match people around him said they felt the same calmness before the storm hits. As soon as the match started Ali was unstoppable.

Each photograph comes in a contemporary classic black box frame. The box frame has a fillet which creates a space between the print and the glazing. So there is no contact with the glass. The whole effect is that of a deep box.

For protection, the photograph is mounted behind 3mm Waterwhite acrylic glass which keeps the photograph safe from harmful UV rays and acts as an anti-reflective shield.

Chris’ photographs make a wonderful feature in a variety of space. Whether they are in your living room, reception area or in the entrance of a gymnasium or office, your framed photograph will be a fantastic addition.

Purchasing an iconic limited-edition framed photograph means that you will be sharing a piece of history that will always be admired for years to come.

Because they are limited, Chris’ photos of Muhammad Ali are an excellent investment. His photographs of Muhammad Ali regularly sell successfully at international auction.


  • Limited edition of 25 silver gelatine photograph signed by Chris Smith.
  • Easy to display in the living room, reception area or, in the entrance gymnasium or office
  • Traditional silver gelatin print
  • 3mm Whitewater acrylic glass which is anti-reflective and provides a UV shield.
  • Split batten fixture for easy and secure hanging.
  • Available in these sizes: W: 20” x H 16”, W: 24” x H: 20”, W: 40” x H: 30”
  • Each print is packaged in a soft synthetic fleece material against the frame. Then wrapped in bubble wrap, and finally a blue foam edging to prevent damage in transit.